I can start from whatever you have, be it just a vocal with which you need help writing the rest of the song or you have the song written and ready to record, but need bass, drums, guitars etc.  Any component left out, we can provide it with the help of our studio musicians.



If you’ve never recorded your music, we can start the process from scratch.  Using a variety of techniques I can record your instrument(s) and create the sound you’re looking for.  I’ve even made my own microphones to catch the specific frequencies and sound that I’ve needed.



So you’ve already recorded some tracks elsewhere?  No problem, I can mix and master your tracks so they sound great on any other audio system that you play them on.


Audio Restoration
We can take your old cassettes or records, clean up the audio, and have them converted to CD.


Live Sound & Recording
We can provide sound services for any party or event. We also do live recordings of just about any type of performance.