Studio Musicians

Adam Lewis 25-

Blue Room Sound Studio Musician

Plays guitar and bass mainly in the genres of rock/metal.  Has been playing bass for 10 years and guitar for 5 years.  He has 15 original songs that he has written with the help of good friend and drummer, Trenton Smith.  If you’re looking for more technical rhythms, advanced timing and leads Adam is available for consultation.

Influences: Killswitch Engage, Tool, Mudvayne, As I Lay Dying, Deftones.

Gear: Uses Paul Reid Smith guitar with Mesa Boogie Rectifier.
JB Player Bass with Peavey Amp


Jonathan Anthony- 29

Blue Room Sound Studio Musician

Has been playing guitar for 13 years. Of those years he has spent 2.5 years teaching in Coldwater, MI.   He has done studio recording playing guitar and bass. Styles range anywhere from classical clean, to blues, to modern rock. He can help add texture and lead fills to your songs.

Gear:  He prefers PRS and Gibson guitars and Peavey Amplifiers.

Influences: STP, Collective Soul, Breaking Benjamin, Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse


Josh Baker- 36

josh-bakerJosh has been playing guitar and singing for 23 years.  He plays mainly in the rock/alternative genre.  He is the lead singer and guitarist of his band Hobo Joe.  His brother, Blue Room Sound’s owner, Jonathan Baker, also plays the drums for the band.  Josh plays mainly rhythm guitar, but does lead pieces as well.  He prefers Fender and Taylor guitars.

Influence: Pearl Jam


Jonathan Baker- 32

jonathan-bakerHas been playing drums for 20 years.  Before beginning to record and mix music, Jonathan taught himself to play drums.  He plays for Hobo Joe, and also plays drums to his own compositions.  He plays mainly in the rock/alternative genre.  Uses Yamaha Stage Custom 7 piece drum set, with Evans’ drum heads and Zildjian cymbals.

Influences: STP, Smashing Pumpkins, Collective Soul, Our Lady Peace, Tool, Seether, Shinedown, and Three Days Grace.